OWASP Raider, the web authentication testing framework.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Daniel Neagaru

DigeeX created and published Raider, the first and only framework of its kind, designed to test and attack web authentications. It uses an actual programming language for its configuration, so it is possible to automate ANY authentication system with enough effort, regardless of its complexity.

Raider has been accepted as an OWASP project, so our efforts are focused on building a community and finding people willing to contribute. The goal is to use the power of the open-source to create a universal authentication framework that will work on all modern systems.

If you're a security researcher interested in Raider, contact us by email or in the community forum and tell us what you think. If you're an organization interested in Raider commercial support, let us know.

You can check the source on Github, read the documentation on ReadTheDocs, join the community forum on Discourse or follow Raider on Twitter.

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