About us

We are a team of security professionals attracted to difficult problems by nature. When people tell us, "This can't be done," we're going to try and find a way to do it. We want to use our specialized knowledge to help society build a more reliable and safer Internet.

The founder Daniel Neagaru has always been passionate about security, started working as a system administrator then switched to doing security professionally for more than five years before deciding to become independent and build a new company from scratch.

[...] Iā€™m going to add that dealing with them was very enjoyable and information I received related to vulnerability findings and methodology was clear and concise. 5/5 would fix bugs reported by them again.

Andrew Dolgov, TinyTinyRSS main developer.

Our mission

After the recent mega hacks, the demand for IT security services has increased considerably. Unfortunately, an industry-wide lack of experts makes the problem worse. Data breaches happen regularly, and no one can guarantee they won't be targeted next. Organizations of all sizes face threats from attackers, which can be criminals, hacktivists, insiders, or even nation-state actors. Such attacks could lead to large financial losses and significant damage to the businesses' reputations.

Internet is a dangerous place, but it doesn't have to be. We believe we can build a safer Internet together. We want to help our customers improve their security by identifying the risks inside their IT infrastructure and working together towards mitigating those issues.

How can we help?

We help businesses identify risks associated with IT systems by simulating real-world attacks using the same techniques an attacker would use to target your organization. At the end of the project, we present you with a comprehensive report detailing the exploitable vulnerabilities together with a risk assessment, as well as actionable recommendations you can take to reduce or prevent those risks.

We offer security testing with varying complexity levels to consider the customer's security budget and address each client's unique security needs.

What do we do?

Nowadays, investing in security is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and proactive testing is the way to go. Many industries already mandate businesses to perform regular penetration tests to comply with legal requirements.

DigeeX services helps customers:

  • Reduce and prevent financial and reputation damages caused by IT disasters
  • Prioritize risk remediation efforts
  • Comply with industry best practices
  • Strengthen infrastructure defenses
  • Stay one step ahead of attackers

Why DigeeX?

We specialize exclusively in penetration testing. We don't rely on automated tools for our assessments; we use them only to get a head start before diving deep into the application. We value manual tests to understand better what's going on under the hood, and we code our tools to automate frequent tasks and build proof of concept scripts so that the customer can easily replicate our findings.

We stay up-to-date on the latest security techniques, threats, and attacks. We share articles on our social media to keep you updated on important topics and making it easier for people to make decisions that affect their security posture. We have a deep understanding of existing and emerging threat actors and can help protect your business against this rapidly changing threat landscape.

We approach each assignment custom-tailored towards the client's needs, considering the business they're in, and we focus on the most severe risks and security flaws relevant to the customer. We try to think critically, and we'll try to find creative and unique ways adversaries could exploit single vulnerabilities or combining multiple vulnerabilities to circumvent existing security controls.

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